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AIC-NIFT TEA is a registered company under the Companies Act, 2013.

AIC-NIFT TEA Incubation Centre is a Leading Textile and Apparel sector-specific incubation center supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India. AIC-NIFTTEA has a world-class innovation laboratory with state-of-the-art knitting machinery, fabric testing laboratory and natural dyeing laboratory. Start-ups can groom themselves with the support of national and global mentors, corporates and investors.  AIC NIFT-TEA aims to identify the potential young aspirant who wants to become aspiring entrepreneurs and encourages them to transform their innovative business ideas in to a startup business by providing necessary incubation services.


Our Mantra

Start. Launch. Repeat

5 C'S

  • Conception of new venture

  • Coordinating & Networking

  • Converging R&D for Industry

  • Commercialization of Technology

  • Creation of value addition


To continuously support existing & aspiring entrepreneurs in transforming knowledge and innovation into sustainable enterprises that will enable them to compete in and contribute to a global society.


To create an ecosystem that will foster innovation and knowledge based entrepreneurs and contributes to the overall economic and social development of the regions.

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