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Start up or Scale up. We will get you funded.

Seed Grant from Host Institution Contribution

Seed Grant from Host Institution Contribution

Seed fund for product development under Innovation Voucher Program

Seed fund for product development 

Our StartUp investment process is efficient and value-added. We leverage this process to learn about your mindset. If you have your documents in shape we can complete the process within four weeks.


Once you submit your form, our team will email you within five business days if you’ve been selected for a Founder Introduction Call 


Within 24 hours of our call, you’ll be asked to submit a documents for initial diligence evaluation. You can find a list of our requested documents here.


Our team will complete our due diligence evaluation to determine your suitability for our program and present to our selection committee.


You will be notified of our decision to accept or deny your application within 24 hours of our committee approval. 

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